Welcome to the official website of Harborne Cricket Club

Harborne Cricket Club was founded on 4th May 1868, and is one of the largest in the Midlands.

It is an accredited ECB Clubmark club, and also enjoys the status of an amateur community sports club (CASC) with quasi-charitable benefits.

The Club has a very healthy playing membership – fielding six league teams on Saturday: 1st XI in the Birmingham & District Premier Cricket League – Division Two; 2nd XI in the Warwickshire Cricket League – Division 3; and the Knots (3rd XI), Croziers (4th XI), Nomads (5th XI) and 6th XI play respectively in divisions 3, 5, 8 (East) and 8 (North) of the Worcestershire County League. On Sunday, the Club fields 3 league teams: 1st XI in the Arden Sunday League – Premier Division; 2nd XI in the Arden Sunday League – Division 4; and the Knots in the Sunday Border League.

The Club has a vibrant youth section with some 250 youngsters (boys and girls) in membership of its coaching scheme for ages from 5 to 15. They are encouraged to join the squad sessions, and represent the Club at age groups ranging from under 10 to under 15. This is an important part of the Club, and youth registration details can be found on the website. Parents and family members are also encouraged to join the Club.