Harborne Mitres Tour

Harborne Mitres Tour

The Harborne Mitres Annual cricket tour has been enjoying the delights of the West Country since the late 60's, basking in the welcoming hospitality of The Shrubbery Hotel, Ilminster for a glorious July week, each & every summer.

Over the years such salubrious match venues as Chard, Ilminster, Butleigh & Lansdowne (Bath) have been blended with the public school grounds of the Olympic-esque Millfield, Blundells (in Devon) & Taunton to provide a delightful array of beautiful backdrops to exciting, competitive, top-class touring cricket & golf for one long sunny week every July.

In 2008, we ventured to pastures new in Gloucestershire to visit Frocester (previous Village KO winners at Lords) & for the first time, a double-header to round the week off on Thurs & Fri against Old Tauntonians in the magnificent school grounds of Somerset's county town. On Tour themselves, the O.T's have traditionally provided our stiffest competition both on the pitch & off it, during the Thursday night celebrations in Taunton's various watering holes & hostelries, usually attired in something you wouldn't see every night down Broad St.

After each day's play is over, the tourists' aches, pains & sun-burn are gently eased away into the small hours through the anaesthetic qualities of the latest local stewing cider. Various tales and misdemeanours of the day are recounted through the time-honoured fines-sessions, hosted & ably supported by a different chairman & chief-snitch each evening, who, between them, creatively entertain the troops until either your hotel bedroom or breakfast bell calls an end to proceedings, just in time to start all over again.

The details of such fun & games are of course mythically, closely-guarded secrets, adhering to the age-old saying, 'What goes on Tour', so there's only one way to discover the hidden gems that various twisted minds can invent to while away the hours in the 'self-managed' bar of the Shrubbery, so are you up for such a challenge?

In between our 4 cricketing days, there's the opportunity to aim for the smaller white ball, tee-ing off down Taunton Vale's 18 challenging & beautifully scenic holes, on the Wednesday afternoon.
If a week of absolutely no physical activity takes your fancy, then that's easily catered for, lounging by the large outdoor hotel pool or leisurely strolls into the local metropolis of Ilminster ask resident tourist, John Bersey to give you the full guided accompaniment.

So, if you fancy a week of seeing some of the most scenic cricketing locations in England, albeit through bleary eyes, whilst enjoying the company of many like-minded fellow tourists, then please get in touch with Tour Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.' .. And remember.. You don't know someone properly, until you've toured with them!






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